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Silence - Garden into House Snippet

"I know what you're thinking, and I'm not denying it because I've given up on denying it. We both know no matter what I say, you're always going to suspect something," Ryuu replied as he poured his friend another drink, and then topped up his own. Besides she's only alive right now because I chose to spare her, will you forgive me for lying to you once you find that out?

Zaiger shrugged. “I’m a suspicious bastard, and I know you’re still lying to me, so, yeah, still gonna suspect you. I’m not gonna let that get in the way though. It’ll come out one way or the other. I always get my answers in the end.”

He sipped at the water and sighed happily. “Take advantage of the cooking whilst you’re living with him though, he’s good. And as long as you make sure to walk around without a top occasionally, he’ll do anything you want.” Zaiger stared when he realised the setup Ryuu had arranged for himself. “Damn. You bastard. You’re set up for life in there, aren’t you? All the sex and food you could ever want and you don’t have to lift a finger. You utter, twat.”

"Well I do enjoy being dramatic and half-naked," Ryuu said thoughtfully, "You really think he'll let me stay for life? Maybe he'll even leave me the house?"

“I hate you,” Zaiger said flatly. “You sexy as fucking hell, manipulative psychopath. I hate you. Of course, he’d let you stay there, the guys clearly after your cock with a vengeance. He’ll probably rubber stamp your fucking assessment too if you asked nicely and promised to let him give you a blowjob. Fuck. You really did play the system, didn’t you?”

"Tell you what, if he has a heart attack and leaves me the house you can move in with me?" Ryuu teased.

“I’m warning you now, I come with crazies as a bonus feature,” Zaiger replied. “Mind you; Ellie would probably have fun out-crazying them all. That would be amazing to watch. Can we bring her with us when we go to the inevitable strip club? Please.”

"She'd sulk for at least a week if we left her out, she'd be coming with us. Plus she'd probably scare away most of the crazy women for you, or you could palm them off onto me?" Ryuu suggested.

“If Ellie wouldn’t murder me horribly, I’d marry you, just for that promise alone,” Zaiger said dreamily. “They better find Will and Co soon. I don’t even care if it’s a male strip bar you take me to, if I get to see Ellie working her magic, I’ll die happy.”

Ryuu grinned, "Oh, I know a few. Just don't let me get too drunk, alright?"

“Oh, don’t tempt me like that, man,” Zaiger teased. “If you flirt like this when you’re sober, you must be amazing when you’re pissed.”

Not to mention you’ll be more talkative.

"That's not what I'm worried about, but sure, let's go with that." Ryuu sipped at his drink. "I wouldn't worry too much, you've seen what happened to most people who challenged me to a drinking competition, right?"

“I’d say you aren’t a cheap date, that’s for sure,” Zaiger grinned. “Don’t worry, you’ll be paying for your drinks; you’re supposed to be my wingman, remember? Not my date.”

"Well, of course, besides it was going to be my treat. I'd get us in the VIP room and everything," Ryuu smirked.

“That’s the spirit,” Zaiger said, finishing off the last of his food and smacking his lips. “Make them think I’m rich and then watch the disappointment in the morning when they realise it’s really you. I like how you think.” He smirked at the annoyed frown on Ryuu’s face. He knew what the man had meant by the gesture, but it was too much fun to get his own back occasionally. When the frown didn’t disappear, he said, “If they stick around after that then they either really like my moves or actually don’t care about money. Cunning.”

You really can't accept maybe I want to do something nice for you can you? "Yeah I suppose that's one way to look at it, you know we could invite Dr. Hill and see if we can induce that heart attack? Then we can run off into the sunset?" Ryuu said playfully, "I'm sure Ellie won't mind as long as she gets to fuck both of us."

Zaiger shuddered. “If you bring him along, then I will never touch your fun fun zone, ever. Way to kill the dream, fuck.” He downed his drink and held it out for a top up. “Not even the promise of a threesome with Ellie can get that image out of my head.”

"Alright, no bringing Dr. Dad on any strip club outings, got it," Ryuu said as he laughed, then shuddered "Now I say it like that it does sound weird doesn't it? Yeah...never let me call Dr. Hill that again. Ever." Urgh I can't believe I even said that, nevermind thought it.

Zaiger choked. “I’ll fire myself if you do.”

"That's as good a deterrent as any, thanks. Let's change the topic?" Ryuu asked weakly.

“Maaaster,” Ellie cooed from the doorway. “I’m booored, Elijah had us reading more books. Come and play with me, pleeease. I miss your cock.”

“Did she just say that out loud?” Zaiger asked as he started to question his own sanity.

Thank goodness for a distraction. "Yes, she did say that out loud Zaiger." Ryuu turned his attention to the front door, "You know Zaiger can hear you, sweetheart?"

Ellie swayed her hips wildly as she prowled towards them both. “I’m sure he could join us, Master...or would you prefer to watch?” She asked Zaiger once she was close enough to wrap herself around Ryuu again. Moving to his front, she looked up at him and started to very deliberately slide down his body. “I can put on a show right here...”

“Fuck,” Zaiger said and flipped so that his back was to the couple. “Box seats in Hell, fucking box seats in Hell.”

"Ellie, it's clear you're feeling neglected today, do you want me to come back inside?" Ryuu asked softly.

“I’m not here to make the decisions, Master,” Ellie purred as her knees hit the floor and she moved to begin unbuttoning Ryuu’s trousers. “I’m here to make you happy; I’ll stay out here if you want.”

"Sweetheart...we can't do this in the front garden?" Ryuu hissed and pulled her hands away, "Look, help me take the tray and everything back inside the house; then Master promises you can play with him as much as you want, alright?"

“Thank you,” Zaiger groaned, not turning back around. “Here’s my glass.” He held it out for one of them to take.

“Umm, I like the sound of that,” Ellie hummed happily, turning around and taking Zaiger's glass. She let her hand slide over his, and she giggled when he visibly shuddered. “He’s fun; can we keep him?”

"Only if Zaiger wants that, which right now he doesn't. As he wants to keep his job, but you've been good and let me have time to myself. So let's get the plates back inside, and then I'll play with you. Tell you what why don't you go on ahead and pick out what toys you want me to use on you?" Ryuu suggested.

Ellie looked up and pouted. “What if I wanted the authentic experience?”

“Then I’m sure he’ll give it to you loudly and for long enough to wake the neighbourhood teenagers from their dreams with boners the size of Heavens Arena,” Zaiger snapped. “Please, take the plates inside before I have an aneurysm from stress.”

Ryuu chuckled and gathered everything onto the tray, picked it up and handed it to Ellie, "Then take this back to the kitchen for me, and Master will give it to you however you want."

Still pouting, Ellie shot a glare at Zaiger. “You better be more fun once Master’s free,” she hissed. Sighing dramatically, she stalked off back into the house and let the door slam slightly on her way in.

"She's gone, you can turn around now," Ryuu teased. "Although I really should go give her some attention, don't want her harassing Dr. Hill now do we?"

“Dude, that is one pissed off crazy chick. Good luck. Personally, I’d leave the two of them to it,” Zaiger tried to joke, scratching the back of his neck as he turned around. “One will kill the other, and then you’ll have your problems solved.”

If only you knew Zaiger, that really wouldn't solve my problems. It really wouldn't. "Only if they both kill each other then you can marry me after all," Ryuu replied playfully. "Seriously though, I've enjoyed spending my morning out here, but I get the impression my company is wanted inside. Dr. Hill will come out to get away from her if I don't calm her down, and that will be awkward."

“GO!” Zaiger ordered emphatically. “Have sex to save my soul. Give her five from me.”

"If you insist, it'll be my pleasure," Ryuu winked. Chuckling to himself, he walked back towards the house as he waved to his friend. She's going to pounce on me the moment I get through the door, isn't she? Unless Master gets me first, when did my life become this? Opening the front door, he looked for any sign of Ellie waiting for him before closing it behind him. "Sweetheart?" he called out, wondering if she would come running.

“Yes, mon amour?” Sebastian said, walking out of his study and smirking.

Turning at the sound of his lover's voice, Ryuu looked at Sebastian in surprise, "Master? I didn't think you'd answer to sweetheart, but I can call you that, too if you want."

“Am I not allowed to make jokes too, Sugarplum?” Sebastian said, suppressing a chuckle.

"Of course you can, Master...please don't make that my new pet name," Ryuu replied with a smile. "I came in looking for Ellie I think she's feeling a bit neglected. Although I'd be more than happy to spend some time with you."

“Why don’t I show you where she is, mon Cher?” Sebastian said, entirely amused. “She asked me to bring you to her, and who am I to resist the whims of such a charming creature as her?”

"She did?" Ryuu asked feeling a bit suspicious, Just what have you planned Ellie? "I mean, of course, Master."

“She’s in the bedroom,” Sebastian explained, unable to hold back his laughter any more. “She didn’t tell me more than that. She’s been coming and going from the room all morning. I think she’s been playing with Abaki to keep herself amused; she seems to have taken quite a shine to her,” he added as he began to walk up the stairs ahead of Ryuu.


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