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Hisoka's Deal Ch4.Pt4.

The thing had been rather disappointing in the end. It's strategy hadn't been that nuanced. It had relied upon brute strength and speed, both of which Hisoka had easily countered with his bungee-gum. It had said that its platoon would avenge its death; which was something to look forward to, he supposed. Hopefully, they'd be a bit more of a challenge. It hadn't known anything about Gon.

Hisoka lay back against the tree and closed his eyes. He was still being watched, and as he let his senses drift out from his body, he tried to pinpoint who, or what had been following him.

His eyes snapped open when he felt the familiar warmth brush against his Aura; Danchou?

He couldn't be here.

He rose into a crouch and focussed. It was weak, but, yes, he could feel it; a small trace of Chrollo Lucilfer's Aura was less than half a mile away. If he could get him alone, if he could kill him here, it would all be over. He wouldn't have to worry about the withdrawal, or what would happen if he got too close. He could end it right now.

He didn't know why his Danchou was here, or why he was alone, but he didn't care. With a single-minded determination, Hisoka shot forwards, aiming directly for the source of all his displeasure.

Hisoka closed his eyes as he felt Machi push the needle into his arm. He prayed he'd never wake up.

"You broke our deal, my pet."

Hisoka heard Chrollo's voice as if through a fog and moaned. Someone was stroking him, and it felt fantastic. "So did you," he managed to say and grinned; he hadn't entirely lost himself.

"You broke it first; you stopped chasing me," Chrollo's voice said, and Hisoka felt his hand being picked up and placed on top of a hard, leather...he swallowed.

"You're real," he said to the voice as his Nen was stripped from him once again. Chrollo's Aura hit him like a freight train, and he whimpered where he lay.

"I am, my pet," Chrollo said. "Don't worry; I'm going to take good care of you."


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