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Hisoka's Deal Ch.5 Pt.3

"I can work with that," Illumi agreed, frowning when the Tabby jumped up onto the table and started to walk all over his paperwork. "But we have to make sure he's alone, and you will have to beat me. I would suggest that I give you a split lip too. He has to believe that I put up a fight."

"Oh, dear," Hisoka said, pantomiming shock. "That's such a shame; I hadn't thought of that." His voice dripped with sarcasm, and a dangerous grin stretched across his face. "Maybe we should practice, just to be sure we can make it believable."

"Not in front of the kittens, Hisoka," Illumi said sharply, covering the small grey ears by his side. "There are some lines, even I will not cross."

"Are you sure he's going to believe you?" Illumi asked as he tried to raise his head and felt his muscles protest. Hisoka had beaten him; he'd beaten him bloody, and he'd given the man some fantastic cuts and bruises in return. They were only surface wounds, but could easily be played off as more.

"Oh yes," Hisoka assured, pulling Illumi's head up by the hair and smiling down into his pain-filled eyes. "You look so beautiful right now, you know. It's taking every ounce of my self-control not to bend you over that chair and..." he trailed off with a groan and saw Illumi's black eyes darken. "After, we can do that after we have him. Are your Zombies in position? They'll call if he has company?"

"Yes," Illumi said. His voice was slightly breathless, and Hisoka smirked at the slight bulge in the man's pants. He raised his pointed boot and pushed it down onto his friend's groin. He revelled in the moan of need that came from his lips. Leaning forward, he smirked. When he spoke, his voice was a soft, dangerous purr. "Patience, Illumi. I've waited too long to let him slip from me again." He dug his heel into the man's balls, and Illumi gasped, trying to throw his head back, only to be stopped by Hisoka's hand in his hair. "Now," Hisoka chuckled. "We wait."

"Hello, my pet," Chrollo said smoothly as he walked calmly into the abandoned warehouse and took in the sight of Illumi Zoldyck, slumped and half-conscious in a metal chair. He'd been happy, but not entirely surprised when he'd received Hisoka's text message, and had chuckled to himself when he'd read the last line.

"I have a pretty pink bow waiting for you, Master. If you trust your pet enough to come alone, I'll be sure to make it worth your while."

He had his spiders stationed strategically, a few miles away, but he was confident he wouldn't need them. Hisoka was his.

Activating his Gyo, he saw that Hisoka's Bungee-Gum entirely encased the eldest of the Zoldyck boys, and a long, pink thread lead right back to his pet's finger. It had a bow on the end. "Did you bring me a present?" he asked curiously.

Resisting the urge to drop to his knees, Hisoka instead sat down on the arm of Illumi's chair and stroked his friend's hair.

"I've been doing a lot of thinking," he said nonchalantly. "And, I think it's time we renegotiated the terms of our little deal, Master." Running his free hand down Illumi's back, he carefully unsealed his Gum and inwardly smiled when his friend didn't twitch. "You see, you cheated, and I don't like it when people cheat me out of my fights."

He pulled Illumi's head up roughly, allowing the man to gauge precisely how far Chrollo was from them as blood dripped from his nose.

"I did?" Chrollo asked, watching the pained expression on Illumi's face carefully. "I don't recall saying anything about not using the tools at our disposal."

"I," Illumi coughed, rolling his eyes to look up at Hisoka. "I told you so."

Hisoka backhanded him hard around the face and sneered as the man spat out blood. "You can shut the fuck up; this is between myself and my Master. If you behave, I might allow you to have a break in between our little 'fun time' sessions." He saw the flicker of satisfaction cross Chrollo's face and openly grinned at him. "I thought we could use him together. Make a fresh start of it." He felt Illumi tense and saw Chrollo note the sudden stiffness of the man's limbs. "It's only fair, Illumi. You tortured me for hours."

"That was business," Illumi coughed pathetically and saw Chrollo circle closer. "I have nothing against you personally."

"Yeah, well, I do. You saw me beg; it's only fair that the tables are turned. Your Nen is useful though, and you have to be alive for Master to be able to utilise it, so, Illumi," Hisoka drawled. "It's time you found out what it's like to be powerless." There was the slightest flicker of fear in the young man's eyes as he looked up at him, and Hisoka knew that Chrollo had seen it. "Ohh," he cooed to cover for the apparent betrayal. "Did you honestly think I liked you? I used you, Illumi. You of all people should know that I have no room for friends in my life."

Chrollo stepped closer.

"You were fun, but you could never give me what I need, only my Master can do that," he purred, leaning down to kiss the Zoldyck's cheek. "With your abilities in his arsenal, alongside my own, he'll be unstoppable," he breathed, lacing his voice with adoration as he ran his hands down Illumi's back again. He squeezed his hand reassuringly. "Don't worry, I'm sure he'll let you fuck me occasionally, he's not an unreasonable man."

"That I'm not, Hisoka," Chrollo said as he stopped beside him and laid a hand on his shoulder. "So, what exactly are these terms you wish to discuss? I take it they include Illumi? Is there anyone else you wish to gift to me?" he asked smugly, relishing the ever so faint hint of terror that had crept into the Zoldycks usually expressionless eyes.

Hisoka tapped Illumi's fingers twice, giving his friend the agreed-upon signal to attack and turned to fawn over Chrollo.

"Master," he moaned, allowing himself to fall against the man and groan when his Nen shifted to encircle him entirely. It was intoxicating. He sank to his knees without thinking and pawed at Chrollo's trousers. Holding tightly to his mind, he worked to distract him from the fact that, as he'd fallen, he'd also dismissed Illumi's bindings. When it looked like Chrollo was about to look at the young man, Hisoka mouthed at his cock through the expensive leather. "Master," he moaned again, letting his arousal and need show in every line of his body. "I want you."

Before he had a chance to say anything further, Illumi moved with lightning speed, and Chrollo's entire body went rigid. Hisoka gave the man's crotch one last, long lick, and rose to his feet. "I want you to suffer," he purred. "You should never have come alone. Did you honestly think you'd broken me to the point that I'd accept what you let your little gang do to me without retaliating? The beating was, I will admit, warranted, but the rest? Oh, Chrollo, I thought you'd have known better than that." He bent to whisper into the smaller man's ear. "You pushed too far too soon. You were as arrogant as I was at the beginning. The difference is, I learned my lesson. I'm going to use all the tools at my disposal, to make sure you never know a days happiness for the rest of your, long, long life." He licked at Chrollo's earring and growled. "It was fun, for a while, but I'm afraid this game has to come to an end. I've got a friend I'd like you to meet. I believe you know him; he has red eyes and a wicked temper."

Illumi slid a syringe into Chrollo's neck, and Hisoka watched as the man's shocked eyes slid slowly closed.

"You had me worried for a second there, Hisoka," Illumi said as he pulled the needle from Chrollo's spine and threw the sedated man over his shoulder.

"I know, but he had to believe. Where did you put the box?" he asked sweetly.

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