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Hisoka's Deal Ch.4.Pt6.

Today my arms hurt like buggery after a nurse failed to get my veins to open up and give blood. I'm diabetic, so I need regular 6 monthly blood tests to make sure my body isn't eating itself or turning my blood to acid...but apparently, my body doesn't think so. So, well, the writing is a little painful today. But I will do my best.

He could feel the Nen in his earrings swirling and shifting, reacting to the nearby presence of its owner. With a sinking sensation in the pit of his stomach, Hisoka realised just how right Feitan and Machi had been. He really was an addict.

Chrollo had finished four full circuits before he emerged from the water, and when he did, Hisoka had to stamp down on his almost physical need to touch the man's skin. He couldn't give in this early.

Chrollo had honest-to-god smiled at him when he'd pulled himself up, out of the water and onto the pier, causing the Nen in Hisoka's ears to curl and stroke against his skin. He wanted to moan. Instead, he offered Chrollo a weak smile and asked, "How's the water?"

"Wonderfully refreshing," Chrollo replied. "You should try it."

"No thanks," Hisoka deadpanned. "I like my balls non-retracted, thanks."

Chrollo chuckled. "It's not that cold."

"It really is, I tested." Hisoka shuddered dramatically, entirely ignoring his bodies reaction to his ex-leader's proximity.

With a smirk, Chrollo started to walk back up to the house. "If you say so, my pet." He looked back when he got to the door and picked up a small hand towel he'd left to dry himself off with. "What would you like for breakfast?"

Hisoka gave him a suspicious look. "That depends," he said. "Who's cooking?"

"My treat," Chrollo said, still smirking.

"In that case, were they kippers I saw in the fridge?" Hisoka asked hopefully.


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