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Ch. 7. Cont - Blindsided

It took a while, but they found a balance. Occasionally Evan's control would slip, and Christian would feel the all-consuming pleasure that was surging through the other man. It was like white-hot lightning shooting up his spine, and he couldn't understand how Evan was holding on.

Evan had made Christian wrap one hand around his cock and Christian had moaned aloud at the sensation. "Don't you dare cum until I do," Evan had hissed as he bucked up into his palm.

Just for a second Christian had felt everything. The pressure of his fingers, the fullness and mind-blowing ecstasy of being thoroughly fucked, the driving need to be buried inside of that tight hole and the certainty that he never, ever, wanted this to end.

"Talk to me," Evan panted, a subtle sheen of sweat coating his skin.

The strings pulled again, and Christian found himself saying "Fuck, I wanna cum so bad. Wanna fuck you so hard. Wanna have you every way I can. Wanna - Oh shit, that feels so good!" He'd hit Evan's prostate again.

"You felt that?" Evan gasped.

"Yeah, just for a second, fuck, don't stop." Evan had slowed their pace, but sped up again at Christian's command. "S'OK, don't mind. Make me go faster, fuck, make me fuck you 'till you can't walk straight for a week."

"Yes," Evan moaned, and Christian's hips slammed into him.

After a while, Evan adjusted Christian's grip around his cock and cried out, "Fuck, I’m gonna cum, Christian, fuck!"

Evan's ass clenched almost painfully around him, and Christian marvelled as, for the second time that night, Evan came, for him.

He was barely holding on himself. "I need, Evan, please..." he growled, his breath mixing with the pants and gasps of his boss’s orgasm.

Evan snaked an arm around the back of Christian's neck and breathed, "Cum for me."

Christian's vision went white. Evan held tightly onto his hair and forced their lips together. With a cut off cry, Christian's whole body shuddered, and the most mind-shattering orgasm of his life crashed over him; leaving him heaving in great gulps for air and half-collapsed above his boss.

"I could get used to this," Evan panted against his cheek.

"Yeah," Christian managed to mutter. "Me too."


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By Sophie Clark

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