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Day Seventy-two - Oh yay.

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Virus Update: It's up my street!

Soooo, we have a hospital up the road...(usually a good thing and it certainly will be when I get the bug) and someone died of Covid-19 in it last night. We have news cameras and everything up there right now. I even heard a helicopter circling overhead just now. It's getting interesting here.

My other half looks like he's going to be working from home soon too. Hilariously enough, his company (that have laptops LITERALLY sitting around the office not being used) are insisting that if people work from home they have to take THEIR ENTIRE DESKTOP PLUS MONITORS home with them. It's fucking fantastic!

Their IT dept, that usually works on a ticket by ticket basis are being FLOODED with requests for machines, questions about how they go about working from home and general panic over how they are going to actually do things. Which, to be honest, is entirely understandable. They only put out the email asking if people would be willing to even think about working from home on Monday...now it's escalating too fast for the limited number of people who handle the tickets to cope with.

We are living in interesting times, people. Interesting indeed. For those of us who make it through this, and I do hope that I am one of them, then we shall at least have some good stories to tell. The world is changing, and it will be a permanent one, but it's going to take a bit of time for our minds to change with it.

I have both asthma and diabetes, so I'm in an at-risk category. Both my parents are over 65 and my sister is a high ranking, but still front line nurse. My entire family are all at risk of dying, but that doesn't mean that we need to stop living. We simply need to remain flexible in how we approach things and know that this won't be forever.

As people become more interconnected, so will the things that could potentially kill us. Lessons will be learned from this but, as long as we remain calm, communicative and use our brains to think, not panic, then we will get through it.

We have something that we have never had before to help us cope with what is to come, and that is the internet. We can talk with people from all over the world and we can adapt.

So, let's all stay positive, keep our heads screwed on and keep a diary of events for the future generations to learn from! We will all have a unique story, so, let's tell it in real-time, and give the scientists of the future a few more data points to add to their graphs.


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