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Day Seventy-seven - It's like they're TRYING to kill us off.

Walkies: Bikies
Editing: Nope
Writing: Dane
Meds: Taken
Virus: We're FUUUUUCKED!

This was my conversation with my sister today. It's TERRIFYING.

My sister is one of the high up community nurses in West Yorkshire.

She's already been told that if she gets Covid-19, that she HAS TO WORK STILL. She goes out to VISIT VULNERABLE AND ELDERLY PEOPLE EVERY FUCKING DAY! My parents are both over 65, and she has a 1.5-year-old kid, who STAYS WITH MY PARENTS most days.

This is BEYOND fucking crazy. She LITERALLY has ZERO protective equipment and we aren't checking (I can't believe I just linked to an article from the fucking Sun...this is fucking insane...) people unless they are basically dying in hospital. The cynical side of me is thinking that they're waiting until someone develops a test to be able to tell you if you've HAD the virus and then can come out and say, "Oh, well, our case to death ratio looks HORRIFIC now, but just look at this UPDATED list! It's nowhere near as bad as you thought! See! The Cases v Deaths now looks great! See, we did a fantastic job! Isn't our policy great!

They're talking about 'scaling up testing' even though the fucking World Health Organisation is basically calling us insane. They're prioritising the economy over lives...which is FINE, IF you at least try to protect your fucking MEDICAL STAFF!

You can't keep the fucking general population well if the fucking medical staff die off. Poor people and people who can't afford to get ill are going to be screwed, because despite being asked about it, they haven't confirmed that they will cover sick pay for people who are staying home without confirmed tests because the government aren't testing. So what happens when you have to stay home for 14 days because your kid has the sniffles...then go back to work, and YOU get the sniffles, and have to go back into isolation? It's fucking stupid. So stupid. And people are gonna die. I just hope that my family aren't going to be counted amongst the numbers.


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