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Day Seventy-four - 'Herd Immunity'

Walkies: Nope
Editing: Nope
Writing: Managing to do some
Meds: Taken
Virus: Things are getting interesting.

The government's going for 'herd immunity', and you know it's bad when even the Vietnamese are scratching their heads and going WTF?

I just got a call from my GP's office at TWO PM ON A SATURDAY telling me that they're going to have to rearrange my diabetic and asthma check-up, because they aren't doing face to face consultations anymore (whilst the virus is going around) and they don't want me to leave the house. So...no worries! We're all gonna be fine! It's only the old people and the sick people who are gonna die...so, no worries there. Fewer pensions and drains on the economy to have to look after! \o/

Who needs to worry, it's 'just the flu' after all. It's not like milions are gonna die because they're testing out 'herd immunity' on a disease that you can get again...AFTER YOU'VE ALREADY RECOVERED FROM IT! I mean, it's their fault for being old and sick, right?

I didn't get asthma from working in a pub before the smoking ban or anything. Nah, it couldn't possibly be something that I had no control over...because, y'know, money's useful, and back then every pub was a smoking pub.

But at least my other half is now working from home. We're hunkering down for the long run, and he's thankfully taking it more seriously than our government. We've got enough food in...the loo roll stocks are...well, we have enough for the week, and we'll have to take it one step at a time. The world is changing, and we're the guinea pigs. I just hope that we all make it out the other side intact. At least the other half will likely survive it if we both get it. He's young and pretty healthy, which is comforting. I just hope that I can fight on through if I do get it. Never before have I been happier for my tendency towards staying indoors and entertaining myself through my computer.


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