7 months ago 🍟 for day 82, 2020 with 390 words.

Day Eighty-two

Walkies: Bikies
Editing: Not needed
Writing: Dane
Meds: Taken
Virus: Well...that's what my story's about today


My other halfs friend came over. Which isn't new. He comes over every second weekend. This weekend was different.

He was sent home from work last Friday because of Corona. He then tried to come over to ours on the Sunday because 'yeah, mate, I'm fine'. When he was quizzed about what was wrong with him he said, "Oh, I just had the shits and a really bad stomach," and left it at that. I said no and my other half reluctantly agreed.

Seven days passed and then, on day eight, I, against my better judgement, agree to let him come over because he is the type of person who would try and fake being ill to get a week off work...and he is my other halfs best friend.

He gets here and all is going well...then we ask how he's feeling.

"Oh, mate, I felt like proper death all week! I had such a banging headache and, man, I was SO TIRED all the time."

"Did you have a fever by any chance?" I ask with a growing sense of doom...

"You know, now that you mention it, yeah, I was dripping with sweat."

"And were you short of breath?"

"I don't know, I mean, I wasn't gasping for it, but it was harder to breathe and I was out of breath when I got to the top of the stairs, why?"


"You think? That's here? Nah, it can't be that, I'm not old and it's not here."


"Oh. Well, if you say so?"

And no more was said. I nearly flipped my shit. I'm PRAYING that he actually is over it because he didn't know the fucking symptoms even though I literally sent him a list. Officially if you are symptom-free for two days then you're clear, but...yeah...

Gonna be paranoid for the next week. At least if I do get sick, I'll get in before the rush and have a good bed in the Hospital...


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By Sophie Clark 🍟

I am the author of three books, the last of which, Blindsided, was made with the help, love and support of the Write Together users. (And can be found at all major retailers.)

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