11 months ago for day 88, 2020 with 315 words.

Day Eighty-eight

Bikies: Dane
Writing: Dane
Meds: Taken
Virus: Ramping up

My other half's been 'furloughed' which means that he's on 80% base salary and legally can't work whilst he's on stasis with his company for three months. The bills are going to be extremely tight.

His status with his company will be reviewed in three months time. It's...a very uncertain time.

I'm not looking forward to what's going to happen next, but I am looking forward to the end of all this. We will get through it and we will keep on going. It's just going to be hard...and this is just the start. It's going to get a lot harder. I just hope that we don't end up having to move in with Sam's family because we can't afford our rent. That's going to make having the cats...very hard. (They have a dog that would eat the cats if it saw them.)

Mind you, I forced myself to do something creative yesterday...and this is what came of it.

Batten down the hatches,
For the worst is yet to come.
Lawmakers and lawyers,
Will either become heroes,
Or will be written off as scum.

I write today, in tears of woe.
My loved ones are in stasis,
And I have nowhere to go.

But we will push on,
We will persist.
Payments will be made,
And deadlines won’t be missed.

We are strong, and we are many.
Life moves forward, though doubters are aplenty.
We will get through this,
We will survive.
We are the Covid Generation,
And, we are still alive.

It felt like I was sitting down to write a wartime poem...because, to be fair, that's what we're facing. The world is slowly changing around us. All we can do is adapt, hope for the best, and keep on writing...


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By Sophie Clark

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