1 week ago for day 54, 2021 with 318 words.

Day 54 - A Customised Experience!

Positive Thought: Getting things done, helps you get other things done!

I did it! I made myself a fiverr account and it's lasted longer than an hour!

I'm still tweaking things and it'll probably take some time to perfect, but I frikkin' did it!

I was so dejected after the fuck-up with the VPN last time that it's taken me this long to pick it back up, but after receiving my first ever payment for a commission I figured it was time to put my big girl pants on and actually do this. So far, it's not been too terrifying.

I started out this morning with the idea of putting together a 1 page 'summary' of what I would be doing, what I'd need from people and what I charge so that I can just wing it off to people when they ask... This then began to morph...

I now have an email address for Julia, a Fiverr gig and a whole new dislike for the bot that Fiverr uses to detect if something's a 'modified image' or not for their profile pictures. It even rejected a photograph of my cat!

I found one, in the end, but it's not my first choice for a picture. Who knows, perhaps if I get enough coming in, then I'll be able to pay someone to take an actual good, sexy picture of me? A girl can dream!

But, YAY! I'm putting myself out there and, hopefully, going to bring some money into the household soon! I'm going to contribute and not feel as if I'm leaching off Sam! I know I'm going to be bricking myself when my first commission comes in (from someone I don't know) but it's gonna be good fear! It's the kind of fear that pushes me to grow and face things! It's the kick up the backside I need!


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By Sophie Clark

I am the author of three books, the last of which, Blindsided, was made with the help, love and support of the Write Together users. (And can be found at all major retailers.)

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