5 months ago for day 265, 2020 with 410 words.

Day 265 - HD Chapter 5 pt.6

"Are you sure he's going to believe you?" Isaiah asked as he tried to raise his head and felt his muscles protest. Hisao had beaten him; he'd beaten him bloody, and he'd given the man some fantastic cuts and bruises in return. They were only surface wounds, but could easily be played off as more.

"Oh yes," Hisao assured, pulling Isaiah's head up by the hair and smiling down into his pain-filled eyes. "You look so beautiful right now, you know. It's taking every ounce of my self-control not to bend you over that chair and..." he trailed off with a groan and saw Isaiah's black eyes darken. "After, we can do that after we have him. Are your Zombies in position? They'll call if he has company?"

"Yes," Isaiah said. His voice was breathless, and Hisao smirked at the slight bulge in the man's pants. He raised his pointed boot and pushed it down onto his friend's groin. He revelled in the moan of need that came from his lips. Leaning forward, he smirked. When he spoke, his voice was a soft, dangerous purr. "Patience, Isaiah. I've waited too long to let him slip from me again." He dug his heel into the man's balls, and Isaiah gasped, trying to throw his head back, only to be stopped by Hisao's hand in his hair. "Now," Hisao chuckled. "We wait."

"Hello, my pet," Caeleb said as he walked into the abandoned warehouse and took in the sight of Isaiah Zollano, slumped and half-conscious in a metal chair. He'd been happy, but not entirely surprised when he'd received Hisao's text message, and had chuckled to himself when he'd read the last line.

"I have a pretty pink bow waiting for you, Master. If you trust your pet enough to come alone, I'll be sure to make it worth your while."

He’d his gang members stationed strategically, a few miles away, but he was confident that he wouldn't need them. Hisao was already his. The party had proven that. It didn't matter how long he'd had to wait; his pet had sought him out in the end.

Activating his magic, he saw that Hisao's ropes entirely encased the eldest of the Zollano boys, and a long, pink thread led right back to his pet's finger. It had a bow on the end. "Did you bring me a present?" he asked curiously.


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