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Day 168 - Story Starts - What's in the drink?

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I got challenged by my other half to play out two of my characters meeting for the first time and turn it into the start of a story, so I thought long and hard about it and decided that it would be fun to throw two firecrackers together.

I present to you: Lulu, the Assassin with an Olympic sex drive and a conscience to match. And, Daniel: The drug-addicted yes man who just wants to do his job, get laid and go home.


“Hey there, sweetie, wanna buy me a drink?”

As original lines went, it wasn’t really that creative; if it was coming from a man though…Lulu turned around and smiled at the handsome brunette grinning at her. She took in his designer outfit, his short, styled hair and his impeccable grooming. He screamed money, success and confidence.

Oh, Megan, he dumped you, didn’t he, you delusional little doll. Please tell me that he’s going to at least be fun. He’s not gonna be all stuffy and, she sneered. Prudish.

“No, but I’ll let you buy me one,” Lulu purred, leaning forwards slightly to highlight her real diamond necklace, platinum drop earrings and push-up bra. It was the perfect trap.

“Where’s your boyfriend?” Daniel asked, slipping onto the stool next to the hottie in the little black dress. He’d watched as she’d downed four shots of whisky within half an hour and had swooped in before someone else got her.

She was perfect; the boss was gonna love her. He’d fulfil his quota and show them all. No one was getting rid of him. He’d show them all. He wasn’t disposable.

Lulu sighed and let herself openly appreciate Daniels muscular body. “At home, being boring. He’s managed to hook this older guy into letting us live with him but the weirdo insists on giving him cooking lessons. I mean…he could at least have the decency to tie him up in a dungeon or something if he’s gonna be a creeper.” She heard Daniel’s deep, rich laugh and chuckled in return.

Sighing again, she played with her drink and let her face fall. “Nah,” she corrected. “He refused to come out with me. Something about ‘priorities’ and ‘responsibility’.” She twisted a strand of hair around her finger. “I told him, if he can’t keep up,” she licked her bright red lips and looked Daniel in the eye. “Then I’ll have to find myself another man.”

30 Mins Later

“I’m gonna have to warn you,” Lulu said, imitating the slightly drunk girl behind her and allowing a mild slur to enter her voice. “I have an exceptionally high sex drive. Most men can’t keep up, so,” she hiccupped and grinned, letting her eyes move over his shoulder to fall on a practically naked woman dancing around a pole on a side stage. “I will insist on bringing women into the relationship at some point. If you have an issue with watching lesbian sex or participating in threesomes, then tell me now.”

She switched their drinks when Daniel turned around to see who she was staring at.

“Honey,” Daniel said, turning back around and giving her his best charming smile. “If you’re for real, I’m gonna buy a dungeon and never let you out.”

“Promises, promises,” Lulu teased and downed her drink. She saw his eyes light up. “Ready when you are.” She shook her glass, challenging him to meet her, drink for drink. She grinned like a tiger when he downed his in one.

20 Mins Later

Daniel shook his head and heard the cute woman’s high pitched giggle. They were outside. When did they go outside? He leaned against the strong arm holding him up. “Wha-?” he slurred. “Where?”

“Looks like someone can’t hold their drink,” Lulu teased. It’s OK, as long as you can keep up, I’m all yours. Let’s go play in my dungeon, shall we?”

This had been too easy. She really did hope that Ryuu would appreciate her gift. She wondered if he’d struggle when he finally realised what was happening or if he’d glaze over like all the dancers in that bar had. After they’d got what they needed from this chump, maybe they could return to burn the place down? They could get the dancers out and leave the creeps that ‘employed’ them inside. Yeah. She brightened. That could be a fun way to pass an evening together. She could even call it a bonding activity and keep her therapist happy.

30 Mins Later

“That’s it,” Lulu encouraged, “Just a little further, don’t mind the smell, it’s the landlord’s weird coat collection. He has a whole thing about them, don’t ask. Just up these stairs. We’re gonna have so much fun!”

“We are?” Daniel slurred. “That’s good. Wow, that’s a big oven. Where’re the stairs? Oh, shit,” he laughed when his foot bumped into the bottom of them. “Found it!” He felt himself being picked up and tried to grab onto whoever it was that was doing it so that he could punch them, but his arms weren’t co-operating. “What’s…who are you doing? What are we? I mean, where? Why did the floor go away? Why are you so strong? What’s…what’s happening?”

“I’ve got you, sweetie,” Lulu soothed as she carried him up the stairs. Walking would have taken way too long. “We’re gonna get naked soon!” she promised.

At least, you are. Oh, Ryuu’s gonna have so much fun getting you to tell him all your dirty little secrets.

“Then I’m gonna tie you up and have my way with you. I think I’m gonna keep you for a while.” She leaned down and kissed his forehead before his head lolled back. “You really are wonderfully handsome.”

It was true. All the men she’d spotted ‘scouting’ had been, but he’d been her favourite. It was a shame really. Such a waste. But it would be worth it. Sacrifices had to be made. She just hoped that this particular sacrifice would stick around long enough for her to have a little fun with.


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