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Day 161 - Story Starts: An Early Birthday

Walkies: Dane and did them OUTSIDE!
Writing: Dane!
Meds: Taken (although nearly forgot the darn insulin! Took it halfway through the day when I realised!)
Virus: As of 16:14

Today's writing will be another Story Start! I'm loving doing these little snippets. It's keeping things nice and interesting.

Well, today this writing prompt caught my eye. It made me think of stories I’d read as a child and the logic that ran through them. It spoke to me on a deep level and so, without further adieu, I present to you: The Early Birthday.

Writing Prompt

“Come on, we’re going to be late for my early birthday dinner,” said Angela.

“Early birthday? Your birthday isn’t for five months,” Simon pointed out.

“So?” Angela asked. “What’s that got to do with anything?”

Simon tried to simultaneously flail and not drop the pile of boxes that he was holding. “How does that make any sense?

“Easily,” Angella said, setting off for the hotel and delighting in the way that her golden stiletto shoes clicked along the sidewalk. “Now, remember, we got you the suit so that you wouldn’t stand out. We still have a job to do.”

“Easily does not explain a thing!” Simon snarled. “And I don’t see why I have to carry everything!”

Angella sighed and took a left down the high street. “Stop making such a fuss,” she chided. “You lost the bet.”


She stopped and glared at her young companion around an increasingly unsteady stack of wrapped and beribboned packages. “So,” she warned. “Was I. That wouldn’t have stopped you from taking advantage. Now, I happen to like celebrating the fact that I’m alive and I don’t see why I should only be allowed to do that once a year. Get off your high horse and accept that you lost. Think of it as a life lesson: Never, and I do mean never challenge a seer.”


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