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Day 140 - BWL. Cont - Chromaggus

Part One Here


"Tranque! Anyone! He's enraging! TRANQUE!"

Chromaggus's massive jaws closed around Dex's torso. Blood erupted across the floor and what was left of their raid leader sloughed out of the Dragon's mouth. The clang of his boots hitting the ground made the whole raid wince as one.

Sharpshooter fired Tranquilising Shot.

"Dispel! DISPEL!" Romul cried, holding up his shield to ward off the breath of ice that erupted in his face.

"Some of us are busy!" Cowow snapped, trying to concentrate on forging the now twitching limbs of his raid-leader into a whole, living Orc. "It's not easy to resurrect someone mid-fight, you know! There's a reason that it's got a half-hour cooldown!"

Khailea slid in beside him and gave him an obsequious smile. "Perhaps we could help?" he offered innocently. "Earthshaker hasn't missed his target once since we..."

"His head's on backwards!" Tubbie snarled.

"He's what?" Khailea snapped. "OK...who’s been playing with his spine? And why is his pet looking so smug? Don't make me get my Succubus..."

"Honestly," Gold said, holding up the spit to show Molketh as Lukouzade approached them with a frown on his face. "You should try it. It really..." he wiggled. "Frees up space, y' know? My Mana reserves have never been better."

Molketh raised his brow and opened his mouth to ask a question. The Bronze Affliction struck.

"Why don't we see if you're telling the truth?" Luko said, tilting his head. "For science."

"Besides," Ootypooty agreed, striding over and wiping the remains of his Hourglass Sand from his lips. "I missed my lunch."

"Didn't you just eat Dex's-" Kirish began.

"What?" Dex asked, turning around to see what all the fuss was about.

"Nothing," Kirish replied. "Don't worry. It's a ten-minute break now, right?"

Molketh blinked madly.

"Where are you going to put that pole?" Narcissa asked.

Gold grinned. "Don't worry. I'm sure he'll love it."

Bikies: Hungover
Writing: Hungover Dane
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