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Day 137 - BWL cont. - Broodlord Lashlayer

Part One Here

Broodlord Lashlayer

“Right, for this boss we’re going to need an off-tank - don’t look around the corner, I said don’t look. No, Dub, not even a little peek. No, you’ll see the boss when we start the fight. Now, it does a threat drop so-”

“But I only ever get to see the back of the mobs,” Dub complained. “What if I’m looking for a bit of variety in my targets? What if I want to look them in the eye as they die and have the last thing they see be my-”

“Small pee-pee?”

“Hey, it may be small,” Dub said, holding his head high. “But at least it’s thin as well!”

“Riiight,” Kirish mumbled, raising his brow and looking around to see if anyone else was wondering if Dub had somehow confused his utensils. Perhaps he’d used his mind-numbing poison on his fork instead of his dagger?

“Bluffy, get your shield.”

“Huh?” Bluffy said, looking up from his position on the floor and nearly dropping his sharpening stone on his sword. “I’m not a tank.”

“Wait, what?”

Romul coughed. “I am here, you know.”

“You’re not, but I thought...”

“You’re thinking of BluffaloBill,” Shek pointed out, hefting his Sulfuras onto his shoulder and tapping his foot impatiently. “Can we get things going? I have a date in Mulgore next week and I’d like to be finished here before-”

Panther came sprinting into the room. “Hey, guys, sorry I was AFK, what did I-”


“The Goblins,” Dex said as he watched smoke rise from Earthshaker’s corpse and wondered why the warlocks had suddenly huddled together in the corner. “Have dynamite. You know, that thing that goes boom and makes people explode? And if anyone has a poison cleansing totem, Cata...”

Catacus rolled her eyes. “I do, Dex. They can’t move with you. If you run out of range then-”

“Wait, I think Earth’s getting up...” Molketh said, backing away from the corpse. “Did anyone resurrect him?”

“Not me.”


“I’m still drinking.”

“Urm, can anyone else hear a chanting sound?”

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Writing: Dane
Meds: Taken


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