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Day 136 - BWL cont. - The Suppression Room

Part One Here

The Suppression Room

“OK, people,” Adea said, patting Dex on the back and giving him a reassuring smile. “We’ve got this. Let the healers get some mana. The warlocks have...” He eyed Dex wearily. “Stocked up on their meat supplies. From the dead Dragons.” He ignored the confused look Dex gave him as he scratched at a healing wound on his chest. “We’ve sorted out the deactivation rotation for the traps; all the rogues know what to do.”

“I don’t.”

“Shut up Dub.”

“If we can get a volunteer from the Hunters then we can get through here without any issue,” Adea continued hopefully. “Anyone?”

“Keep moving! Don’t stop! We’ve nearly made it through to the alclove!” Dex declared triumphantly as a fresh wave of poison puffed out from the traps and slowed everyone to a creeping crawl.

“What’s he talking about?” whispered HellKOT.

“I don’t know,” replied Rurik. “Just go with it. I think the poor guy’s losing his mind.”


“Please,” Logon begged. “Water...I need...please...”

“You mean this?” Khailea asked, dangling the bottle just out of the Priest’s reach.

“Please...” Logon rasped. “Mana...can’t, heal, need...water...”

“And what are you going to do for me if I let you have some? The Mages only gave me one stack. It’s not my fault that you’ve gone through yours already. I mean,” he loosened his belt. “It’s only fair that you show your appreciation for my selfless sacrifice.”

Short one today because, tbh, the tropes for this place are pretty similar :D
The guild has it's fun pulling whelps and draining the healer's Mana until we're all crying in the corner. The funniest thing for our guild was the first week, when our raid leader shouted "GET TO THE ALCLOVE!" and no one wanted to correct him because it was too funny (and kinda cute...but don't tell him that.) So yeah, a shorter section today.

Bikies: Dane
Writing: Very Dane
Meds: Taken.


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