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Day 135 - BWL pt. 2 - Vael

Pt. 1 here

Vaelastraz the Corrupt

“OK,” Dex gasped as Molketh cast another healing wave to top him off. “OK, so, Cata and Mela are standing on opposite sides of the boss. All the goblins are dead-”

“And looted!” Lukozade called.

“Yes, and looted,” Dex agreed. “If anyone has any Hourglass Sand then they can give it to Gold- Has anyone seen Goldshower? And where’s Glemt? Come on, people. We’re supposed to be killing dragons here, not- What was that noise?”

“Hey, guys, look! I’m a sheep!”

“Shut up, Dub,” Dex groaned. “And can someone dispel him? Why is he even a sheep?”

“He tried to show us his ‘sword’,” Flor deadpanned.

“Yeah,” Kirish drawled. “It looked more like a dagger to me.”

“Impressive on a sheep though,” Kenndiz pointed out.

“I think the Dragon’s gonna wake up soon.”

“Shut up, Meq.”

“Watch your threat, people,” Dex called, parrying another attack with expert precision. “Dark! Dark, stop attacking. Neam...Foryourneeds...guys, watch your threat!”


“OK, let’s try this again,” Dex declared patiently. “We’re not going to name and shame, but the next person who wants to find out what their insides looks like as a ghost can move to the left of everyone else and explode in peace.”

“You mean pieces?” Alivea said helpfully.

“You know, your husband could really have done with some healing,” Khailea said, summoning his succubus and eyeing her speculatively.

“I was dead!”

“And, to be fair,” Darkviolater said, reattaching his shoulder pad. “So was I.”

It took hours: The guild fought through fire-breaths, explosions and, on one memorable occasion, Cloud attempting to do a backflip off the balcony to see if he could land on the Dragon’s head, but they did it.

They downed Vaelastraz the Guild Breaker and they reaped their reward.

“The Dragonfang Blade, really?” Nakki grumbled.

“Small pee-pee,” Narcissa agreed.

“I do not have a-”

“Guys, guys, we can do the loot later,” Dex called from the balustrade. “Get up here, we’ve got dragons to CC”

“Line of sight!” Dex cried. “Line of sight the-” A ball of flame hit him in the face.

“Now that’s a small pee-pee,” Nakki replied.

“No,” Ootypooty said, licking his lips. “That’s a crispy tank. I call dibs on the ribs.”

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