9 months ago for day 133, 2020 with 378 words.

Day 133 - Guild Challenge

Bikies: To Do
Writing: Doing Now
Meds: Taken
Virus: as of 8am

I have been challenged by my current guild head to write a short story about said guild.

It's a nice little challenge and breaks up my routine, so I said yes.

The brief was: Mention each of the raiding team at least once and set it all in Black Wing Lair. The freakier and the sexier the better. It has to be completed before Wednesday's raid. (6:30 pm UK time.)

...The man does not know what he's let himself in for. I am an expert Googler when it comes to sex. I am so going to include as many obscure and 'freaky' fetishes as I can. The challenge is on, people, the challenge is on.

My guild is called Sentenced. So far, these are my notes: "For your crimes against common sense and decency, you have been Sentenced to BWL." - The Misadventures of Misfits

Cata: Tranquil Air - Gets Dex killed
Mela: Dying and Smashing
Dex: Cloak and Priest heals
Glemt: Fire Res gear - followed Gold and is resisting being cooked
Dub: No, seriously, I mean- Shut up Dub - The leaf drops
Narcissa: Anathama
Neem: Singing
Gold: Running off and getting killed
Goofy: Depression
Luko: Looking around for dogs to loot
Flor: Eats popcorn
Cowow: Dub’s love will never die
Alivia: Doesn’t heal Dark
Dark: Takes agro
Romul: Gets pummeled - Totally not Russian
Earthshaker: AFK
Tubbie: Silent
Panther: Pet Agro
Bluffy: Doesn’t tank - Not Bluffalo
Abrexis: Arcane Explosion
HellKOT: Not fire spec
Rurik: Secretly wants to be a warrior
Nakki: Small PP - Secretly huge
Shek: Hates his club
Molketh: Totally into the debauchery
Ringi: I’m not a Druid
Cloud: I don’t use daggers
Kirish: The pointy end goes this way, Dub
Uza: Misses his pet
Volthraz: Why did I join this guild?
Khailea: Sarcasm overload
Fortourneeds: Sacrifices firstborn to save Tubbie
Ootypooty: Don’t does the booty
Kenndiz: I didn’t dot the sheep
Brolex: Missed the hearing
Meq: Secretly heals Dex and is not a cartoon
Logon: Begins to hear the call of shadow spec
Adraen: Did hear the call
Adea: Nice
Ramaza: Back in my day
Ozma: Where is he?


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