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A random bit from Silence of the Hunters

Miriam looked up from her book when she heard the sound of movement coming from the bed. Sebastian was sitting up, looking down at Ryuu with what appeared to be genuine affection.

The man had bitten him until the sheets were bloody and fucked him so hard that she was surprised the bed hadn’t broken...she couldn’t understand how he could look at her Master as if he were the most precious being on the planet after that. It was as if Sebastian were two people: one was a monster that wanted nothing more than to tear people apart and destroy them completely, and the other...the other would see the world burn before he let a hair on Ryuu's head be damaged.

How the fuck do I get out of this alive? Is Ryuu really going to kill him, after this? He’d done a bit more than play-act at Sebastian being his Master. He’d meant what he said when he screamed his name; he’d given himself to the man. You love him, don’t you Ryuu? As much as you can love, you love Sebastian.

She saw Sebastian smiling at her and gave him a weak nod of acknowledgement before lowering her head to avoid his gaze. There was no way she was going to let him know just how turned on watching the two of them together had made her; absolutely no way. She knew Ryuu would ask her, and as mortifying as that would be, she was prepared for it...but not Sebastian.

She saw his feet stop in front of her, and her eyes widened in shock when he patted her head and said, “If Ryuu wakes up, tell him he can join me in the shower.” then continued on his way into the en-suite. She heard the shower start before the door was closed, leaving her alone to try and figure out what the hell had just happened.

For the chain story people...I will do my bit tomorrow...I didn't prepare for two days in a row!


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