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Zen & Bicycle Maintenance

Days sheltering in place: 148.
Exercise: Bicycle Maintenance.
Keyboard practice: C E; A B, E G#; B C.

For those of you eagerly refreshing the Write Together page waiting to find out what the second kitchen appliance birthday present I received was, well read on, and all will be revealed, eventually. I will say at this point that the best birthday gifts don’t have to be expensive.

I’ve been doing a bunch of bicycle maintenance of late. I assembled Karen’s new bike, adjusted the derailed over the weekend, the seat today, changed the inner-tube on her old bike, pumped the tires, attached the bottle rack etc. Like musicians have guitar techs, I’m her official bike tech - not that I know anything about anything with bikes, but I’m game. If keeping her bike in working condition is what it takes to make sure she can go for her 10 mile ride every weekday morning, who am I to argue. I know who makes me breakfast in bed every day, and my end of that bargain.

I’ll tell you this, when performing bike maintenance, you better get into a state of zen, because things can get frustrating fast, and using a bigger hammer doesn’t solve anything.

The good thing about having a car when you have bikes is that you can get a bike rack and take your bikes to interesting bike trails that you couldn’t easily get to if you were to bike from your home. After owning bikes - as an experiment - for almost a year, at the weekend “Buy a bike rack” finally came back to the top of the to-do list so I ordered one, which arrived today.

As a practice for Saturday, I installed the rack on the car, loaded up the bikes, drove the car, unloaded the bikes and unhooked the rack. Expect an update at the weekend.

Every afternoon after lunch I pick up a bottle of cool liquid from the fridge and head upstairs to my office. The bottle never gets finished and I never get hydrated. Once warm I don’t find the drink satisfying, or even cooling.

I could get up, walk downstairs, get another bottle but that really defeats the point. By the time I have done all of that my concentration is broken and the 30 minutes to get back in the zone is lost.

If I had a supply of cold drinks within reach, I would be able to carry on working all afternoon, be hydrated - and take a bathroom break, when convenient.

Thus the second gift was a mini-fridge. You may have seen the type. They can hold about 6 cans or in my case a couple of bottles of drinks. When the bottle on my desk gets warm I swap it for a cold one from the fridge - it is within arms reach. When that one gets warm, I swap them back or grab the other cold one from the fridge, and cycle as needed. Next to the Espresso maker, it really is the best Birthday gift I got, and very inexpensive.

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