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Your call

Days to COVID Maxination: 7
Exercise: Only in my mind
Piano Song of the day: Burn (by somebody)

You'll read the subject of this post before you read these words, while I will write these words and from them hope will come an appropriate title.

Often I start with a title and then by the end of the post I change my mind and replace the title with a new one. If you look closely at the slug you can see what the original title would have been - unless I go and edit it that is.

This, I would imagine, is the same as musical artists you compose a song and then struggle for a title. If you look into how "Green Onions" was named, that was one of them. Or bands that create an entire album and then wonder what to call it that sums up the collection of songs as a whole.

As I have never written any music, I have not had this problem. However everytime I submit a photograph to a competition they always ask for a title for the photo and this I struggle with. Why do they want a few words, look at the photo and decide for yourself what it should be called, if you can summarize it into a few.

And the title of this post, you get to decide all for yourself. You pick, I can't!


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