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Writing Notes (3/4)

Continuing notes from when I read the book "On Writing Well" by William Zinsser at the start of the year, also when I started writing.

Starting hook to get people to want to read the rest. Doesn’t have to be click baity but could pose a question which you intend to answer.

Have you read the book? Want the TL;DR? Read on, I have some for you below.

Don’t use jargon when an existing word exists - eg: prioritize. Ok to use common phases that have a meaning, eg: bottom line. Use ideas not input. Thoughts not feedback etc.

I hate marketing / sales BS verbiage that appears to say something while not actually saying anything concrete so this one rang true for me. You're not going to catch me saying "low hanging fruit" when I can write "easy options" unless I can make a low fruit joke, in which case I might.

Pick your style. Formal, informal, humorous. 1st, 3rd or 2nd person. Don’t switch. If you switch, go back and rewrite earlier.

Easy, I'm informal writing from the 1st person perspective. Humorous is apparently hard to pull off although I do try at times - and appreciate everyones ignoring my weak attempts.

Pick one major point the reader will go away thinking about things. Not 2 or 5, just one and focus on that.

This I used to be really bad at and while this post has four points so far, they are all in the same theme so I think I'm OK here. Actually, I have failed. I really should only have the one writing note and discuss it in detail. Sadly I don't have the energy.

I had totally forgotten about that first point. Maybe that is why people stopped reading my posts. They have certainly become very mundane and boring, even to me.


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