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Wonky F6 (Pt 2/2)

In Part 1 I described how I spilled a drink on my keyboard, the fact that the up arrow key now no longer worked as it should

I was hopeful that the keyboard would dry out and the up arrow key would stop triggering the F6 key. Meanwhile I had work to do but this was bugging me.

Maybe I could take the keyboard apart? There are four rubber feet on the bottom of the keyboard, maybe there are screws under them. I popped off the rubber feet, no screws. There is no way to repair this keyboard.

I was walking distance to the big Apple Store in Cardiff. I could go buy a new external keyboard. But it would have the UK layout. I don't like the UK layout. The return key is a different shape and muscle memory dictated that I would end up hitting the \ key everytime I wanted to hit the return key and get even more frustrated. The space gray keyboard does look nice though.

So this F6 problem was only an issue in The Finder but an issue nevertheless. Maybe I could make the F6 key do nothing, effectively a no-op. I have used Keyboard Mastero for many years to setup hot-keys to automate stuff. I setup a trigger for the F6 key with no action.


Problem solved. The F6 key was effectively dead. If I pressed it nothing happened, if I used the up arrow key just the up arrow occurred.

I had a work around for The Finder - and any other app that reacted weirdly to the F6 key.

Of course a few hours later I double checked the status and sure enough the keyboard had dried out. The up arrow key was acting as a normal up arrow key. I turned off the shortcut.

Until the next time I spill a drink over my keyboard that is.


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