2 years ago 🥁 for day 159, 2020 with 308 words.

… Who Knows How To Grout

Days sheltering in place: 83.
Days with no ants in the kitchen: 0.
Keyboarding: oh cr*p.

The morning started fine, no ants.

Later, ants.

A long put off job was to fix the cracked grout where the splash back tiles meet the counter tiles in the kitchen. I had put this off for two reasons:

  1. Grout is horrible, nasty, messy stuff and I had already done enough re-grouting of the kitchen counters after we purchased our house.

  2. We had plans for a new kitchen. A design had been done, and agreed and while it was meant to happen last year, it was definitely going to happen this year after we got back from our spring trip to Wales. Then, well you know what happened.

So past experience with grout, a sponge and grout float plus a tub of ready-mix grout that I keep in the garage meant that I could fix all the cracks - pictures on the Chatty Writers Telegram group if you are really interested.

We had lunch, no ants,

After lunch, a couple of ants.

I pulled out the fridge again, and this time grouted the one area that I knew had a gap and then used my tube of caulk to seal the tiny gap between the cabinet and the wall.

My wife put her kitchen back together. I put my tools away, watered the roses. Helped package up the two Etsy orders that came in today. We relaxed and watched John Oliver. No ants.

Just as we were getting ready for bed and closing up the house. One ant spotted in the kitchen. I really hope this was a lost straggler or one that I walked in from the garden because I'm the guy who has utterly and completely had enough of ants.

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