1 year ago 🥁 for day 240, 2020 with 251 words.

Where did it all go

Days sheltering in place: 164.
Exercise: two much work.
Keyboard pop goes the piano

I’m tired so this may be incoherent ramblings - or scribblings as I like to refer to them - filled with punctuation and spelling errors. But the challenge was to write words every day a decent number of them. Nobody ever said that they had to make any sense, be meaningful or a worthy contribution to the literacy of the planet. No, you had to write enough words that would enable the “publish” button to switch from disabled to enabled so that you push it and go to sleep.

Now if I can repeat the number of words written so far I’ll be able to push that button. With each word I get one word closer to my target. Slowly by surely I will get there if i just keep typing typing typing.

This post was written using a wireless multi-device full size space gray Bluetooth keyboard resting on an upside down IKEA black laptop tray. Also on the tray is a 2019 4th Generation iPad 128K. I’m sitting in bed instead of my office - I write a lot of the posts in my office for a couple of reasons, multiple monitors and macOS. You can do a lot with iPadOS but it often takes longer to achieve the same thing that you can with a full OS,

That said, iPadOS 14b6 is not only solid but has some nice improvements.

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Chief WriteTogether Bug Finder & character stringer. Generally, to create computer code, but sometimes actual words and paragraphs. Listens to lots of music, takes lots of photos, & invests in stocks for the long haul.

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