1 week ago 🥁 for day 201, 2021 with 224 words.

Writing Into Oblivion

Exercise: Walk to Trader Joe’s.
Piano Song of the day: Party Anthem (213/242).

I'm tired. I don't quite know why. Maybe it's the heat. Yeah, it's hot in Europe, even 30°C in Wales, but still not hot like the desert climate of California. It's even hot in Russia which doesn't seem right. I mean obviously, Russia is meant to be perpetually cold. Everyone wearing thick wool coats and fur hats. A total Siberian state of affairs all year round with grey skies, constant snow and icy winds. After all, it was named the "cold war" for some reason, presumably with Russia was trying to make America cold like them. Ilya paints a somewhat different picture, but I'm sure that that is just a work of fiction.

Sometimes I really don't know why I'm still here. The site is buggy, the admin doesn't fix any of the bugs, I keep paying a monthly membership so I can read others' posts and the export functionality is completely broken so I can't even export what I have written anymore, easily.

The cost to run it is approximately the cost of one of us paying, all the work has been done and now it will slowly slide into oblivion as each of the remaining regular four writers gives up.

I suspect I'll be first.


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By Yorick Phoenix 🥁

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