1 year ago 🥁 for day 7, 2021 with 281 words.

War-ter, water, dŵr

Exercise: two mile walk
Welsh phase of the day: Dw i'n ddim hoffi yfed dŵr (I don't like drinking water).

I missed a meeting today. I hadn't planned to miss it, but it happened.

Meanwhile, our house sprung a leak. A leaky tap or running toilet is easy to solve, you turn off the water supply to the outlet. There is a stop-valve before most of these items but in today's case, it was - as I said - the house that sprung a leak. Where the water comes into the house, at the point of the master cut-off valve there was water spraying all over the driveway.

Which of course meant turning off the water to the entire house, which I did as soon as it was discovered - quite possibly happened overnight so many hours of wasted water.

As I was about to start calling emergency plumbers I noticed a truck pull into the drive-way of the house next door (which is being fixed up to go on the market) and it looked like the kind of truck a plumber drives.

Venturing downstairs I asked the guy in the truck - who turned out to be a general contractor - but if I went and got the parts if he had time today he would fix it, else Friday morning.

So I ran out to get the parts, forgetting that I had a meeting. It doesn't seem like I was missed.

He ran out of daylight today, but will be here to fix it at 9am tomorrow.

Until then, washing my hands for 20 seconds has been replaced with hand sanitizer!

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