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Warp Speed Internet (Pt 5/5)

In Part 4 I wrote about the advantages of using a VPN to hide the domains you accessing from your ISP / Boss / Government / whomever. This is because encrypted DNS alone is not the full solution.

I also pointed out that this only moves the problem to someplace else. The VPN Server. There are way too many VPN Services out there and unless you run your own, you have to wonder what they are doing with this data and who to trust. Would you trust a VPN Service run by Facebook? They ran one, thankfully they stopped - I think. Would you trust Google? As ads are their business too I don't think it would be wise. Apple maybe.

I also mentioned that there is a problem with the remaining packet journey from the VPN Server to the destination web server. That part is public.

What if there was a service that not only provided a VPN so that everything was encrypted between you and it, but also had their own private encrypted network between the 150 data centers they had around the globe. If this existed then your connection would be encrypted to the VPN - which would ideally be very local to you - then encrypted across the globe to the nearest datacenter to the destination server and then on the equipment between the final exit node and the destination server would see the domain you were browsing. Which may be in the very same building.

This service exists, its provided by Cloudflare, who — currently — have no interest in ads or what you are browsing. They have a free encrypted DNS Service at and they have a $5 / month unlimited data plan that will "warp" your data from one side of their internal network to the other.

Currently it's available for iOS and Android here. I was one of the early testers so I get 20GB a month for free, which is plenty for my needs.

I definitely feel it does speed up the net as the packets hop through fewer routers. Plus I'm happy that AT&T, Level 3, and lots of other players don't get to see where I'm browsing. We use another of their services (Argo) to speed up our own customer facing websites and it uses the same technology to connect our customers to our servers using their fast backbone.

I suggest, if you are interested, you give it a try. Link is above.

* Full Disclosure - I own shares of Cloudflare, Facebook, Apple, Google and many other tech companies.


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