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Warp Speed Internet (Pt 1/5)

Something that almost all of us will probably complain about - except for @owen who always seems to have ridiculous speeds - is the speed of our Internet connection, whether on WiFi or a cell-network. We probably have our favorite speed test tool to let us know just how badly things are doing.

There are somethings that you can do and for sometime I have been playing with various tools to achieve the most responsive of web experiences.

Almost everything I am about to write about is not new, or ground breaking. If you know this stuff or read about it in the past, apologies. Either treat this as a refresher or skip to something else. This is the first time I've written about it though.

One bottleneck that most people don't even realize is a problem is DNS. The system that translates writetogether.com into and you may ask yourself, where does it get this information from?

Scattered around the globe are Domain Name Servers that perform these lookups for you. They are the master "directory". Any changes to an "address entry" gets replicated from one server to the next with one server being the master authority on each address.

For the most part this process is completely transparent to the user. They select a WiFi network and everything happens by magic - actually via DHCP but that's a whole different bag of networking wizardry. The WiFi router has a DNS server, which caches the most frequently accessed addresses plus it knows how to find the answers to addresses it doesn't know about.

The thing is, the DNS Server in your router is probably slow. Probably doesn't store many addresses and has to look up addresses on the internet, and where it looks them up all depends.

You have the power to set your chose whichever DNS server you want. Knowing which one to chose can make a significant difference to the initial load times of any web pages you access. It does seem like a bit of a black art though.

In Part 2 we'll discuss which DNS Servers you should consider and why.


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