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Exercise: Nope.
Keyboard: Bum, ba bar ba Bum-

I had an ideal of what I was going to write about when I launched the web-page, but now that I’m here., I’ve forgotten.

Could it have been the weather - it’s going to rain tomorrow, which is probably not unusual for probably almost all of you. But for California, rain was so pre-COVID. My plants will appreciate it, as will my solar panels as they need a wash post ash from the wildfires.

Maybe it was about getting up at 5am, after going to bed at 1am, just so that I could order Karen her iPhone 12 Pro Max in Blue before they sold out. 5am is a crazy time for Apple to open their online store - thanks Tim - but at least they made the process simple allowing you to pre-order it with all your configuration choices , then you do the following.

  1. Wake up to your 5am alarm
  2. Grab phone, unlock using FaceID, launch Apple Store App
  3. Confirm the pre-order
  4. Confirm payment using FaceID
  5. Put phone back on wireless charger
  6. Go back to sleep

Now we wait until next Friday when it arrives and a trip to an AT&T store to get the eSIM transferred from the old phone to the new one.

If we wait patiently enough we may have a new president elect, well, by Christmas anyway.

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