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Wait 'till you grow up

Exercise: Gathering leaves
Piano Song of the day: Godfather Theme

It took three sessions at the piano today to crack the godfather theme. Often I can crack a new song in 10 minutes, but not this one. While I could play it all, I couldn't play it all the way through without making a mistake somewhere along the way. So I took a break and I came back later as that normally helps. This afternoon's session was a little better, but every attempt had at least one bum note. After the third attempt tonight, I managed to get all the way through, reading the music as it scrolled by. That theme tune, while quite simple, and relatively slow, is also a little tricky on the fingers, or at least my fingers. Nevertheless it's another song that I'll instantly forget how to play, but know I could if I needed to, given the music.

Other - and frankly even more boring - activities for the day included sweeping up dead leaves and filling an entire large trash can with them - as this is "landscaping garbage week", trimming my roses, watering everything, and putting up the rest of blinds of the new vertical blind in the living room.

Adult life is really exciting stuff, just wait until you grow up, and you too can enjoy it.

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