1 year ago 🥁 for day 238, 2020 with 388 words.


Days sheltering in place: 162.
Exercise: does stressful work count?
Keyboard practice: practice, practice.

And it's a half past four and I'm shiftin' gear
          - Radar Love by Golden Earring

Today I learnt that if you play the US National Anthem in a minor key, it sounds very depressing, and sort of Russian. Check it out here. Likewise Für Elise in a major key sounds too jolly. Check it all out here.

There are many types of vaults. There are pole vaults where I'm not sure which part is the vault - the high bar that you are trying to get over maybe. There is the action of vaulting over something, or pole vaulting if you have a pole in your hand. Then there is the type where you store your gold or passwords depending on which are more valuable to you.

Then when it comes to architecture:

           a roof in the form of an arch or a series of arches,...

Which brings me to ceilings. I've always like high ceilings. I find it's like living under the sky. My first house was a new build with standard 8 foot ceilings. Made it easy to paint, or stand on a chair to change the battery in the smoke detector.

My next house was a 1901 victorian with a slate roof. I think the ceilings were 14 feet and had wonderful plasterwork.

When we were looking for houses in California I wanted one with "vault", which is like a loft. You have two stories of open space with a balcony indoors overlooking the space. The house we found not only had a vaulted loft like ceiling, it also had 10 ft ceiling everywhere else, which meant we could have big picture windows to let the natural light in. The bedrooms upstairs had vaulted ceilings as well. Not the 20+ feet height of the main loft area but still a good 15. As my office is one of the bedrooms it has a great feeling, good light, plenty of space and the feeling that there is no roof above me, only sky, imagine!

There is a small downside though.

          4:30 am: chirp
          4:31 am: chirp
          4:32 am: chirp

It's OK I'll get the 16 foot ladder and change the battery, you go back to sleep sweetie.

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