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Variable Weather

The weather is getting annoying. Yeah I know, first world problems of California.

The day starts dark and cold. I have taken to wearing an extra sweater. Today I had to put on a pair of jeans to survive my home office.

All though the summer I close up the blinds on all the windows before the sun hits them to keep it out and the house cool.

Now that the days are getting shorter and the air cooler, I open the blinds on all the windows to let in as much morning sun as I can to warm up the house.

By early afternoon my office is too warm for jeans and sweaters. At lunch I switched back to shorts and a T-Shirt.

In the evenings I go for walk, it'll be somewhere between 60-65°F (15.5-18.3°C) which is too cold for shorts - well unless I'm doing some serious hiking which will keep my body warm. It's too cool for me, so a jacket is required and ideally something longer than shorts.

Overall I like this time of year but I want to get past it to the time where the temperature is generally "cold". Shorts are out for the year and if it gets too warm outside I can take my jacket off. Eventually we'll get to "wooly coat & hats + scarfs and gloves" weather and I'll have to wrap up to go out. It's the bit in between that I like.

I could run the heat in the house in the morning so I don't have to wear the extra layers but I really don't want to. It is a definite indication that the cold is here for good.

I'll tough it out until it gets too cold even with Jeans, sweater, slippers to survive and then I'll fold and turn on the heat.


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