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Days sheltering in place: 66
Days to normality: A Dozen (at least).
Keyboarding: Skipped (oh c.)

I have long messager exchanges with an old mate - actual lead singer in our High School / 6th Form Band - that always gets to:

I know you think hydrogen will never take off

Which is not true, no matter how many times I tell him that I think that Hydrogen Fuel Cell powered Electric Cars are the future if only they could produce that hydrogen cheaply enough - which is the big problem.

The technology of the Fuel Cell Cars is there, they are Electric, Electric cars are good, I have one.

But it comes down to simple economics when it comes to the mass population buying HFC cars. Obviously, we can replace all the existing fuel pumps with Hydrogen pumps, that is the easy part so infrastructure wise that is not an issue - it already exists.

No, the problem comes down to the following:

Price per mile using gasoline (in the USA): 16¢ / mile

Price per mile using Hydrogen Fuel (in USA): 21¢ / mile

So, OK, it's close and maintaining a HFC car should be cheaper because of the electric motors, less fluids and definitely no oil changes. But the issue isn't that it is close, the issue is the following:

Price per mile using a Battery Electric Car (in USA): 4¢ / mile

Hydrogen Fuel must get shockingly cheap to manufacture to get close to battery cars.

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