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Upgraded Backup

Exercise: oh no, not again.
Keyboard: just a little.

The reviews of the new M1 Apple MacBook are coming out and they are pretty glorious. Plus every day a new Apple Silicon native version of something popular that I use gets out. First Things & 1Password on day one, then Nova, PCalc, Transmit, Fantastical, and even Photoshop is in beta. An application I can't name, but I beta test is also native - think money - and then I see that Arq, one of my many backup programs - is also going to be native - and not only that they are switching away from Electron back to being a native app too for the UI!

I'm on v5 and v7 will be the new version. I wondered about their Electron UI based v6 as it looked better than v5 and while there would be a small upgrade fee, the upgrade from v6 to v7 would be free so why not.

Turns out there was a big why not.

  1. They offer a 30 day free trial, but when I tried signing up for it the software said that I couldn't get a free trial because my free trial - for the e-mail address I used - had expired. Stupid, stupid, stupid. That was for a free-trial of v5, which I paid for, this is now v6. I got around this by giving it a different e-mail address, but so stupid.

  2. It deleted my old v5 application, this is a big no-no, especially when you read point 3.

  3. It didn't inherit any of my current v5 settings. Which servers / disks I backed up to and their access credentials, nor the disks that I backed up, and all the carefully crafted backup plans & schedules. I would have to start again.

At this point I was effectively, dead in the water. I wasn't going to setup a new backup plan, and my existed app had been deleted.

I was - and still am - totally shocked that a company would consider this an OK upgrade path. What were they thinking?

Thankfully I had a backup, so I restored the old app and I'm back up and running again, but I'm still shaking my head as I type this. Why, just why?

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