9 months ago 🥁 for day 260, 2021 with 298 words.

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Exercise: Eating Popcorn (pronbably doesn't count)
Piano Song of the day: Under The Sea (147/147)

Last of the Disney (Princess) Songs and this time another Little (Princess) Mermaid song and at least this one is a nice little jaunty upbeat song instead of the depressing other ones. End result. I went from never hearing it in my life to playing all one hundred and forty-seven notes in the right order at roughly the right timing in only approximately 14 minutes (I know it was more than ten, but not sure how much more than 10 it was, but not much).

And thus we come into the final ten posts leading up to 1,000 posts in a row. The final stretch, home run or final furlong as they would say in horse-racing - at least in the UK where horse-racing is measured in such stuff.

A furlong is one-eighth of a mile, which is 220 yards, which is 201.168 meters so one-fifth of a km (there I saved you from having to google it, although if you want to Google the size of a "league" so you can understand how deep 10,000 of them is, go right ahead, don't mind me)

The new software was released, everything worked just fine, nobody has to work the weekend (this time), so we can rest until Monday. We deserve it.

NB: Leonie's two alien landscape posters are now three, with two bonus stickers. So you get five stickers, three posters, a digital version to download and print, and maybe just maybe an enamel pin and if we are really lucky a bookmark or three.

Do you feel lucky, well do you, if you do, you know the kickstarter is right there, four words back, go click and buy yourself some good art!

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