10 months ago 🥁 for day 203, 2021 with 234 words.


Exercise: 2.5 Mile walk around the block(s).
Piano Song of the day: Tchaikovsky - The Nutcracker March (78/78)

Back to the classics and while I wouldn't recognize the title, as soon as I heard the notes it was, of course, that "tune". In the UK people learn classical music from adverts. New World Symphony was (and still is) used by Hovis for their Bread adverts, Cadbury uses plenty of Nutcracker tunes for their "Fruit & Nut" chocolate bars and the list goes on. The music is great, the royalties are zero, how can you lose?

In many ways, I prefer playing the classic songs more than more modern ones. I get a kick out of being able to play any song I recognize but somehow the classics are just that, classic!

The next song up in the Summer Challenge is likely to be "Smells like Teen Spirit" which will be rather interesting on piano - other than the rather obvious de-ding bit during the chorus - I've got that bit cracked already, the rest of the song looks more complicated, but I will battle on tomorrow to see how it goes and report back.

I'm sure the counter said fourteen words to go but then it said thirteen, and now it only says... well it doesn't say anything because I have typed more than thirteen or fourteen words to complete this post.

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