4 months ago 🥁 for day 283, 2020 with 253 words.


Exercise: Lugging in heavy boxes.
Keyboard Practice: Nope.

It’s been an exhausting week - which is why I’ve been writing private posts that weren’t worth reading for three day. Yesteray my boss told me to take the day off, even the entire weekend. Normally you don’t need your boss to tell you to take the weekend off, but when you have been working most weekends since May, it’s a sign that the end of the tunnel has arrived - which it did Thursday afternoon.

Easier said than done of course when you have four other engineers, who you have been neglecting all week, plus support, plus the DevOps team etc.

Still I did take it easy, which among other things meant I replaced the inner-tube on the rear wheel of Karen’s bike. I would have held off until Sunday morning so that I could stream it live, but she had been waiting since Tuesday when she had to walk 5Km home pushing her bike when I was in a meeting that I couldn’t get out of to pick her up.

But, and this is hard to believe, I used the word “Shibboleet” in an e-mail to a frustrating level-1 support person and it actually worked. The next response I received was from an engineer, who quickly tracked down the issue and solved it.

I really really wanted to ask her, and her backend engineer whether they had penguins on their desk.



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