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4 June 1979

Days sheltering in place: 115.
Days without ants in the kitchen: 0.
Keyboarding: Touched the keys.

On the 4th June 1979 a mobile recording studio was setup in Los Angeles Dodger Stadium to record the University of Southern California's Trojan Marching Band playing a tune that was a variation on a rehearsal "rift" that a British / American rock band used as a warm up.

It ended up being the title track of their 1979 album by the same name, and to my ears the only decent track on the whole album.

Recently a friend of mine asked if I had some upbeat tracks that I could recommend, and as a man of many musical tastes I was happy to oblige. I set up an iTunes playlist which I shared with him and this was the first track that I chose. I knew it was upbeat, it had great drumming - care of the above-mentioned marching band - and I gather he liked it.

It has become one of my "go to" songs along with some others when I need to get "into the mood" to tackle a big coding project, or any project really.

And now, for your pleasure, you can listen to it to, here.


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By Yorick Phoenix

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