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Tree Time

Exercise: Put up the tree
Keyboard: Little Frosty Jingle Bells Dumming Sonata Boy.

As it's now the first weekend in December it is time to finally put up the tree and hang the stockings over the fireplace ready for Santa.

Note to those less informed: For every person or family that puts up Christmas decorations before December 1st an Elf dies, I hope you are OK sleeping at night with that on your conscience.

The Tree will stay up until the 12th day of Christmas, which is January 5th, it will be taken down that day and put away in storage until next year. The tree is about 8 feet tall and you can see a quick video of it on the Telegram Chatty Writers feed.

Note to those less informed: leaving Christmas decorations up past the 12th day is bad luck. Taking them down before the 12th day doesn't cause bad luck but is considered bad form.

Meanwhile tomorrow (Sunday) at 10pm all the countries that surround the San Francisco Bay Area go into a new "Stay at Home" order starting at 10pm, for a minimum of three weeks. Which means, past Christmas Day. Obviously a bunch of people are unhappy about this - especially is their livelihood is affected - but given the steep rise in COVID cases and the lack of ICU it was a pre-emptive move by the counties to try and stop the spread.

It's not looking good.

NB: Binge watched "Two Weeks to Live" on HBO Max (probably available elsewhere outside the US). It was a fun romp (6 episodes) with Maisie Williams as a strong female lead set in Northern England.

Also been watching "The Flight Attendant" which started off light and meh, and after some twists and turns I'm now waiting until Thursday for the next episode.

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