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Travel (planning) Is Awful

OK, travel isn’t actually awful. Travel can be exciting and fun. Travel planning on the other hand is awful.

Long ago we had travel agents. You would call them up and they would arrange your flights, cars, and hotels. They were experts at all of this stuff.

Then we got the internet and decided it was better to do this stuff ourselves. It gave us more decision making power, we could even save money. We could spend hours comparing flights, hotels, car rental prices etc. Finding discount coupon codes to try and get the best deal, or working out whether we should use our air miles or spend cash for the flight, and if cash which credit card would give us the best “cash back deal” - currently sears at 10% BTW, while they are still in business.

I have spent the evening reserving hotels in the UK - after much research comparing many hotels, AirBnBs and the like, exploring options of renting a car in Cardiff and paying for the coach to get there or renting a car in London and paying for the fuel to get to Cardiff.

Then I did it all over again for a simple one-day flight down to LA for an event that I absolutely have to attend. I needed flights and a car rental. At which point does it become cheaper to rent a Mustang Convertible than a compact car? On a Sunday in March it would seem.

The internet for all that it is good means we have put travel agents out of business and taken up their jobs for ourselves. We are now our own travel agents, and it sucks.

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