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I've been using Tile Trackers since around 2014 - generally as soon as they became available, and I may have been a participant in their original crowdfunding effort - I'm not really sure anymore.

At the time I tried both Tile and TrackR. The advantage of the TrackR was the battery was replaceable, the advantage of the early Tiles that while the battery wasn't replaceable, they worked reliably. The TrackR it seemed would chew through batteries to the point that the company started sending free batteries to customers.

Recently I bought some Apple AirTags to experiment with. Generally I don't lose my keys, even though I have both a Tile pro and AirTag on them. What I mainly use them for is tracking my luggage when flying - remember flying. Rin seems to be the only person who flys nowadays. I once lost my luggage on a trip to the UK for a month and ever since I have had a Tile in my suitcase it has never been lost. I have Tiles on our keys, suitcases, camera bag, backpack etc.

As I am so heavily invested in Tiles, why AirTags. Well, when Apple get around to building a product it may not have all the features of the competitors - which AirTags doesn't when compared to Tile - but they do tend to be a good solid well thought out product, and AirTags is just that.

Non-SIM based trackers work by Bluetooth and nearby devices that pick up their signal and "phone home" to let their owner know where they are.

For Tile, this is everyone with a Bluetooth device that runs the Tile App (both iOS and Android). For AirTag this is every Apple iOS / iPadOS / macOS device that is running the latest version of the iOS. As you can imagine, for Tile this is probably in the low millions and for Apple this is in the multi-billion. It's easy to tell who has the better crowd-gps tracking network.

Tile have now teamed up with Amazon so that echo devices can detect lost tiles. This will give them a slightly bigger network, but I don't really see how this changes things for them, other than starting the process of Amazon buying Tile.

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