5 months ago for day 115, 2020 with 342 words.

PostIt Note Life

Days sheltering in place: 39
Spare rolls of toilet paper left: One (the rationing seems to be working)

Event that isn't happening today: Driving to "The North" of England, possibly stopping off in Birmingham on the way to attend a talk by Debbie Harry about her autobiography.

I'm a big fan of organized to-do lists and my tool of choice is "Things". There are lots of GTD style To Do Managers out there and this one works for me. It's not all signing, all dancing and I don't want it to be. It works on my mac, my iPad, my iPhone and my AppleWatch. With a simple but powerful interface that has won not one, but two Apple Design Awards (10 years apart I think). Something that no other product has done, or at least not that I am aware of.

Nevertheless, it has been getting less love of late. Don't get me wrong stuff gets added and stuff gets checked off but it's not where the important work stuff goes. I have resorted to PostIt's stuck to my screen. Currently there are 9. This means that there are nine items more important than my regular list. There are a couple stuck to my desk because once you start sticking them on all sides of your monitor you know you are in trouble, or run out of monitor.

My boss called me with some ideas that he had this morning. He could have sent me an e-mail, or entered them into our ticketing system so that they would be prioritized in the normal fashion. But he called because he wanted to make sure, regardless of the other planning tools that we use, that after we agreed on how his ideas could be implemented the tasks made it to PostIt notes on my screen.

It's come to this. I've resorted to a PostIt note To Do list that trumps all the other tools I have. They are in my face and can not be ignored. This is not a good sign.


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