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ToDo Lists Are The New Zero

Days Sheltering in place: 26
Spare rolls of toilet paper: 5 (yeah, still, seems we really don't use that much)

Once upon a time getting to Inbox Zero was the thing. Maybe it is still a thing, or maybe everyone has given up. I have 101 e-mail messages in my Inbox so I'm not even close. I used to get to Inbox Zero, or nearly zero as I had a picture of my kids as the last remaining e-mail to give me a smile when I effectively reached zero messages.

Of course, e-mail is old hat. Everyone has moved on to Slack and Teams and Notion and, and this and that and where we used our e-mail Inbox as our outstanding To Do list we now use other tools while product managers and engineers are busily trying to re-invent e-mail to solve problems that are better solved elsewhere.

The consequence is our To Do lists moved out of e-mail - if they were ever there for you - to your favorite To Do List application with all the same consequences.

I used to have simple short To Do lists in Things (the app I use), now I have 46+ items in my "Today" box and a further 20+ waiting to be sorted. Things (sic) have really gotten out of hand. Most items in the list get bounced from one day or one week or one month to the next in the hope that they will get done. The only regular ones are the two to remind me to write this every day, take my pills, and the one every Friday so remind everybody how amazingly lucky I am to be married to my wife.

Of course this year has really thrown a spanner in the works for getting stuff done that involves other people, like that new kitchen I promised my wife two years ago and was meant to happen last year but was absolutely definitely happening this year (after we got back from our - now cancelled - trip to the UK in April). Well, I can't see it happening this year either. Should I just accept that and move the kitchen items to 1/1/21 and accept it.

Even though I don't want to, I might as well.

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