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Today I read a book

So reading a book is not that revolutionary. I've read books before, even written entire posts summarizing the contents, like here, here, here & here.

No, today was different. Today I was having solar panels installed on my roof and a big Tesla PowerWall Battery hung on the outside of the house. At some point they were going to have to turn the power off for a while.

The installers did their best to do everything they could before cutting the power. When the power went I was on a Skype call so switched to my phone. After the call was over I wondered what to do. I have a full LAMP stack running on my macBook, fully charged, so I could continue writing and testing the code I was developing anyway, no Internet required.

Alternatively I could stay on my phone and waste the time jumping from social media app to app consuming media of little to no value. Or read a few posts from here.

In the end I decided to do the most sensible thing, use the time to do some non-computer related task. I cleared off my comfy Ikea sling chair. Grabbed the book that I have been ploughing through since January and read some more. The book is more like a documentary than a book, of the last 40 years written by the band members and the fans. Each snippet revealing somebodies experience. Each piece interesting in its own style and perspective. Stories that you would never hear unless you met every single person that contributed. It's a fascinating read, but I can only do it in small chunks.

Just as I was getting deep into the book, I heard the beep that indicated power was back and all my routers, wifi, IoT devices would whir back into action to sync themselves to the outside world.

At least now the whole idea of a power outage will be a thing of the past - until the sun explodes, but we have much bigger problems when that happens.


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