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I have no idea what it is about some shows that makes them timeless, yet others don't seem to weather so well.

I've been watching some old shows lately, old movies and an old radio series. Some work some don't. I'm not sure if its the fact that society has changed, the writing was good or the subject matter was timeless in the first place.


I decided to watch it from the beginning. From the very first episode. It was OK, not as good as I remember. Maybe the first season wasn't that good anyway. I may watch more because it does contain so many great cultural terms.

The Prisioner

Even though it was released in 1967 it still works. Yes the depiction of technology was advanced for the age but not by modern standards, but you can look past that. It is sufficiently unnerving enough that it would still work today and was really a comment on society - and that hasn't really changed (plus I've been to Portmeirion where it was filmed).


Released in 1968 it still amazes me the effects that they managed for that time period. Sure you can spot some of the effects, but really, just amazing, and still works today.

The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy

I just started re-listening to the original radio plays from 1978. Sure Douglas Adams jokes about digital watches which were common but still in their infancy back then, but everything else in the storyline is timeless and still works as if it was recorded today. It was set in the late 70's, but could just as easily be set in the current year really and nothing would be different.


This is the original 1975 film, which is set in 2019 where large companies run the world instead of governments. All in all, it still works, and is somewhat of a worrying sign of where we are heading.

Is it only futuristic movies that work? That are set in a time outside our own? I'm not sure. I think it is a movie / story that is outside the current culture and that takes a lot of work on behalf of the author to pull off and not get screwed by the future that is hard to predict.

I really must go back to re-read a lot of Asimov's work, because likewise I think the decades that have passed since they were written.


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