2 years ago 🥁 for day 128, 2020 with 352 words.


Days sheltering in place: 52.
Days to normality: 24 (at least).

There are ten of my lilies today. My wife caught me referring to them as “my lilies” and called me on it. - quite rightly so. I pointed out that if she read my posts here, she would know that I had already addressed that. But she doesn’t, on principal.


I detest going to sleep. It is boring and from my perspective a total waste of time. Yes, I fully understand that the body needs sleep, but I’m really just not keen on the idea myself.

There are many theories as to why time appears to move faster the older you get. As a child summer holidays lasted forever. As an adult you wonder where the week went, or even the month.

My theory is that the older you get the more responsibilities you have, the more items you have on your to do list, the more things you want to achieve while you still can, but you don’t have more time.

Every day is another day where I didn’t get to do all the things I wanted to achieve that day. Everyday there are items on my to do list that should have been checked off but other unplanned events took over and they weren’t.

Every day is another day of the limited days that I have left in which to do the things I want. In some ways I am frustrated, in others I am content. Yes I would like to see the Pyramids but it doesn’t really matter if I do. I would like to visit Australia again and New Zealand, but I have plenty of time left.

Except at night when I need to go to bed, 1/3 of my life wasted sleeping when there are so many ideas to explore, things to do, projects to build. But what choice do I have. None, not-sleeping it seems isn’t an option.

For those interested, this is what a grapefruit plant looks like, after I think 6 weeks.


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