9 months ago 🥁 for day 118, 2020 with 306 words.

Tick Tick Tick

Days sheltering in place?: Is that the ultimate question?
Days to normality: 34 (at least)
Spare rolls of toilet paper left: One.

Event that isn't happening today: May Dad’s birthday. Well his birthday still happened, it was a non-event. The weekend away in a castle and the planned lunch in Stratford-upon-Avon was canceled and replaced by a skype call. Maybe his birthday card will even arrive tomorrow.

The Sun Francisco Bay Area counties today extended the “Shelter at home” to the end of May, that’s 34 more days of this. I expected it to be extended as we definitely have not peaked and as a state in a better position to weather this than others, so less of a rush to open everything again. Somewhat disheartened to here that it’s another month and a few days but we’re healthy and would rather stay that way.

In better news I finally ticked off a long standing To Do Item and that was our wedding album. Sure it has only taken me two plus years to get around to making it. Karen made one for her Mum a while back and I’ve been thinking about getting one for my parents but they didn’t seem too fussed.

I was offered the opportunity to use one of the fancy professional book printing services for free - $150 worth of printing - and while I thought that a nice coffee table book of my favorite photos would be great, using the opportunity to make a good wedding album would be an even better use, so that is what I did. It’s expected to arrive from the printers around the 5th of May and while it was originally planned for my parents I suspect we’re going to keep it. We deserve it anyway.


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