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Days sheltering in place: 117.
Ants in the kitchen:1.
Keyboarding: Chopsticks.

     - Vijay & Sofia Zlatko

I’m a sucker for the sound of stringed instruments or rather large collections of them. Give me orchestration of a song and I’m hooked in. Great producers know how to take advantage of this, eg: Phil Spector, and his “Wall of Sound”. Don’t believe me, go listen to “River Deep, Mountain High”. Yes, that singer from Nut Bush has an incredible voice, but listen to those strings.

I’m also very fond of electronic music. Jean Michel-Jarre, Kraftwerk, Giorgio Moroder, Kiasmos, OMD, Tiny Magnetic Pets, and plenty of others.

When you combine strings and electronics you get amazing stuff, even if the strings are synthesized. Isao Tomita was a genius at this who specialized in taking classical works and reworking them on synths but keeping the original symphony sound. I might need to come back to him in another post.

I’m not sure where I first discovered the next track. I think it was a random suggestion on SoundCloud, which I think later tracked down on AppleMusic and YouTube.

I have no idea who Vijay and Sofia Zlatko are, or who Tania Zyger - the guest singer - is, but I know I love this track. Knowing who they are is less important than why I listen to this on repeat. Those damn strings, synth strings, bass strings, they make me want to get up and dance.

Listen to: Wildest Dreams

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